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Statement Regarding the Elimination of Anti-Black Racism

As a Black woman, and Executive Director of Dr. Roz's Healing Place, I stand firm in my resistance to anti-Black racism. Being part of this movement to end violence against women and girls, Dr. Roz's Healing Place certainly works to ensure that the lives of women and girls are absolutely valued and protected from all forms of violence. I am also in full support of the Black Live Matter movement because I understand that violence against Black bodies has been an enduring and pervasive form of violence throughout the world and right here in Canada. I do want to note that anti-Indigenous racism is another form of systemic racism that continues to victimize our Indigenous sisters and brothers.

Anti-Black racism is a form of racism directed at people of African descent and is rooted in the historical experience of enslavement, colonization, political and social marginalization of Black people. Anti-Black racism is so deeply embedded in our institutions, policies, practices, and general ways of operating, that is has become normalized. It is important that we understand the actions, behaviours, and attitude that are expressions of anti-Black racism are not only perpetrated by white bodies, institutions and communities. This form of racism can also be found in racialized bodies, institutions, and communities. It is my unwavering commitment to continue to expose anti-Black racism and to do the work required to eliminate this scourge from the work that I do.

Dr. Roz's Healing Place stands in solidarity with all Women's organizations, institutions, and communities committed to naming and stamping out all forms of racism in general, and anti-Black racism in particular.

I call on all to join the struggle for change.


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