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Sistas Calling is a riveting and explosive musical theatre production aimed to inform and educate through the medium of performing arts.

Sistas Calling is a catalyst to spark the conversation and generate ideas towards an end to violence and racism in the greater society.

Sistas Calling is an anti-violence, anti-racism messaging production.

Sistas Calling is a call for men to join the movement to work towards the eradication of violence.

Sistas Calling is a musical/dance symposium educating the public about violence and its impact.

Sistas Calling is Rosa’s story. Rosa is a former resident of Dr. Roz’s Healing Place, a centre for abused women and children.




Attendees will be empowered, inspired and motivated to make positive life changes.



Attendees will be encouraged to contribute to the societal call for help to stop the violence.



Attendees will be triggered to jump start their own healing.



Attendees will be encouraged to work with the Healing Place to contribute to the change towards a non-violent society.

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