concept, lyricist, music creator, vocalist

Dr. Roz Roach

Dr. Roz began her professional career as a Registered nurse in the early seventies. With a bachelor’s degree in applied Social Sciences, a Master’s degree in transcultural Psychiatry with training in Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis.
She also holds a Doctorate in Health and Human Sciences and later received training as an Acupuncturist. Dr. Roz is the founder and president of Nu-Life and Longevity, an international practice supporting the promotion of optimal health and wellness. Dr. Roz is the first Black woman in Canada to negotiate with three levels of government to negotiate four million dollars to build Dr. Roz’s Healing Place where she is the current Executive Director. Dr. Roz’s Healing Place is a centre for abused women, children, youth, and youth at risk with a mandate to eradicate violence locally, nationally, and globally. Dr. Roz also has an artistic side, and over 20 years ago she began writing and using music as a therapeutic tool. As a lyricist, she wrote, composed and performed in many venues. She is also a very prominent costume designer and producer, and for more than twenty years, she has designed and produced costumes for carnival celebrations in several countries. This includes Toronto’s annual carnival festival where she served as band leader for several years.
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project manager

Atiba Roach

Known in the music industry as Ken Masters, Atiba began his professional career as a lyricist and rapper over twenty years ago. He began volunteering as a Child and Youth Worker at the age of 18 year as a facilitator for youth at risk at Dr. Roz’s Healing Place. He later held a position as a Child Advocate Worker, Child and Youth Worker, Program Developer and Community Outreach Worker. Twenty years ago, he created the Vital Intervention for Betterment and Empowerment Program (VIBE) for youth. As well as the Media and Music Interactive Programs which is still run at the Healing Place, York Region School Board and a number of youth detention centres in the Caribbean. He is the owner of an independent record label [XYZ Records], Co-Owner of a music management company [XYZMG] Partner at the restaurant Come See Me and the nightclub Libertine. Owner of the Corporate events consulting company

Roxanne Christian

performer, vocalist

Roxanne Christian, Trafalgar Castle School and Berklee College of Music alumni, has over a decade of experience working with physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive needs within district school boards, municipal nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, and other populations globally.  Roxanne is an international board certified music therapist. She is board certified through the Certification Board of Music Therapists in the USA and the Canadian Association for Music Therapy. Ms. Christian is the founder of Live Love Life Music.

Michelle Walker

performer, vocalist

A performing artist for life, Michelle has dabbled in all aspects of stage performance from a very early age, coming from generations of artists and singers. Learning from very varied experiences, and from multiple professional leaders in the arts and culture industry, Michelle counts among many highlights in her performing life: supporting vocalist for prominent Caribbean artists including The Mighty Sparrow, Shadow, Chalkdust, Denyse Plummer, Calypso Rose, David Rudder, among countless others. Michelle isa current member of David Rudder’s Toronto band The Contra Band, has recorded lead and background vocals on a number of albums, including Kobo Town’s Jumbie in de Jukebox, MOKA’s Dis Is MOKA, and Calypso Rose’s Far From Home, the latter being internationally recognized and receiving France’s highest music award, Victoire de la Musique. Her vocals are also recorded in the music for this project SISTAS CALLING, by Roz Roach.

Amrita Singh

performer "Rosa"

Amrita Singh is a multi-disciplinary artist and actor hailing from Scarborough, Ontario. She received her BA specializing in Theatre from York University in 2016 and completed a Masters degree in Environmental Studies from York University in 2020. While studying, Amrita began volunteering at various shelters and outreach organizations throughout the city; organizing drives and food donations. Her dedication to assisting the unhoused eventually landed her a position at Dr. Roz’s Healing Place where she currently works as a Relief Counsellor. Aside from her professional endeavours, Amrita spent years on the small stage, acting and writing small performance pieces that draw from her personal experiences to empower and decolonize audiences. Amrita is also a dedicated community organizer and social justice advocate. She continues to create equity seeking initiatives, and uses her expertise in environmental justice to orient her personal and professional undertakings.

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Karen Brown


I passionate about and mesmerized by the arts, creative arts. Experiencing the richness of my own creativity and that of others is emotionally fulfilling and soulfully satisfying. I am a budding DIY-er for in home décor projects, also well as a writer of poetry and social commentary. Being artistically inclined gives me the freedom to express various factors of who I am, who I can be, and who I wish to be. Now, Sistas Calling will activate the essence of my voice to help weave and bring this wondrous and empowering story to life!


Abigail King


My name is Abigail King. I hold a Master's degree, a Bachelor of Arts, and a diploma in the field of Child and Youth Care. As an Afro-Centric female, I have many experiences working with Black minority youth in academic and community settings. I am currently the Dance Coordinator at Yahweh Ministries Toronto where I have been able to provide young Black females with the opportunity to express themselves through the art of dance. My goal is to utilize Dance Movement Therapy to aid Black adolescent females in overcoming trauma in the Black community. 


Jovan Jovanov

musical director

Jovan Jovanov professionally known as Jay Jay, is a well-known Macedonian-Canadian Songwriter, Composer and Producer of Pop, Dance, R&B, Hip-Hop music. He began his music education when he was six years old. He graduated from Music Academy in Skopje. Now based in Toronto, Canada Jovan has received many awards and acknowledgements. His songs have more than 150 million views on YouTube.

Jovan has been working for 15 years with many famous singers of Europe composing and releasing over 500 songs. With his production and mentoring, his artists have reached millions of fans. He is the owner of Mississauga-based recording studio Global Music Entertainment