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We Grow Tentacles like an Octopus to Keep Up

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

October 11, 2021

Women often over extend themselves in an effort to keep up with their day-to-day activities. We over extend ourselves for many reasons believing that it is society’s expectation of us. In order to be praised and be celebrated as good women and super heroes, we cross our own boundaries. We do too much!

In trying to keep up with our multidimensional lifestyle we sometimes forget to care for or love ourselves. We become distracted; we disregard our needs. We become dis-eased and finally, develop diseases.

Yes, we grow tentacles like an octopus and in doing so we sometimes don’t pay attention to the deformities that develop in our bodies. These deformities come in the form of sicknesses and diseases, and we become twisted and limited as we try to move forward.

Some common tentacles and challenges that women experience when they don’t pay attention are around sexual and reproductive health, breast and cervical cancer, mental health issues, and gender-based violence.

We have to aerosolize the facts and encourage women and girls to pay attention.

To pay attention:

To not grow tentacles;

To quickly identify deformities;

To develop and maintain a professional relationship with a health provider;

To share health insights and knowledge with others;

To balance day-to-day tasks;

To self-care and self-love;

Ultimately, to live a higher quality life and achieve longevity.

We must stunt the growth of tentacles and not become an octopus!

The time is NOW!

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