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How to Say “No!” and Live Higher

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

August 30, 2021

Refusing to take on extra tasks and refusing to increase their load has always been a challenge for women. For as long as I have been having conversations with women; it has become apparent that saying “No” is a struggle for women. As mentioned in the previous blog, declining additional responsibilities from others has been a bit of a nightmare for women, most women. A brief explanation for this has been outlined in the previous blog post.

What skills can women hone to help them set their own boundaries and master themselves so that they can achieve higher quality lives?

Let’s keep it simple!

No is the shortest word in the alphabet

You can have fun with it!

You can take a positive spin with it.

You can see the word as a statement of empowerment.

So, let me share my formula with you.

Whenever you need to refuse a task, assignment or request:

Simply, KISS, KICK , KISS!

For example, Jane is requesting that you pick up her kids from school on a day that your office hours drag on longer than normal. You need to simply say No by using the formula.

Reply by saying, “I love spending time with the kids.”- KISS

“However, on this particular day I will not be unavailable.”- KICK

“But I look forward to assisting you on a more convenient day because it is always a pleasure being with the children!”- KISS

Saying NO can be simple!

Don’t overload yourself!

Live a higher quality life!

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