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Amplifying Voices: Women’s Empowerment in support of Sistas Calling

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Amplifying Voices for Women’s Empowerment is a week-long event, from July 19th to July 26th, that includes a Facebook group full of valuable content, downloads, and live streams from a wide array of coaches, teachers, and mentors to fill you up with inspiration and equip you with practical tools for your health, wellness, and personal development.

Our week together culminates in a powerful night featuring 10 inspirational speakers. When you donate you will have the opportunity to win amazing prizes, which include autographed books, gift baskets, private coaching sessions, and much more. If you opt for a donation of $99 it will give you a one-year access pass to additional classes, full courses, and in-depth programs donated by our wonderful coaches, mentors, and teachers - in other words, thousands of dollars worth of personal development and learning!!

All profits from this event will be donated to Dr. Roz’s Healing Place, a center for abused women and children with a mandate to eradicate violence against women and children. They will be using the funds to support an initiative called Sista’s Calling.

This week-long event begins on July 19th and all content will be recorded for you to watch at your convenience. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Learn more about it here.

Amplifying Voices is a Speaker Slam production - providing a platform for unique and often unheard voices to be amplified. We celebrate diversity and inclusion and are proud to shine a light on the messages that matter. We welcome everyone to join us and to participate in our events. Listen to the powerful voices, speak and share your story and take part in our breakout sessions where we unpack the evening’s events. Your voice matters.


7:00 pm - Join us on Hopin for networking.

7:15 pm - Show Begins

  • First 5 Speakers

  • 10-Minute Break

  • Last 5 Speakers

9:20 pm - Final Remarks

9:30 pm - Stick around and network with our amazing community

To learn more, please visit our website:

Join our community over at:

Watch Our Videos Here:

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