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A typical Covid workday at the home office

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

September 6, 2021

It’s Thursday and another work day at the home office.

7AM My day begins. A slow walk downstairs to my gym where I challenge my body and mind for at least an hour and a half.

After my daily hour and a half workout my body began to feel sore but my mind felt energized. My work day kicked off.

I quickly threw on a virtually attractive blouse to appear professional, ignored my aching body, and concentrated on my orbiting inner thoughts.

8.30 I sat still for a while, took in some cleansing breaths and got myself ready for the day’s work.

9AM I took an hour and a half to review my emails and prioritize the tasks at hand. I psyched myself up for a policy meeting in two hours.

11AM I jumped on to a virtual meeting where policy makers were holding employers, like myself, responsible for implementing their decisions about unvaccinated employees. The meeting progressed for approximately 2 hours. My head began to spin as if I were on a roller coaster ride. Too much to absorb all at once. I needed the written policies to review.

1.30 I managed to squeeze in a much needed break for ten minutes as I pushed in two glasses of water to flush out my system.

1.40 I then agreed to pick up a pressing call from one of my managers. The phone call opened with a common question from her, “How are you today?”. I responded by giving her a positive response, “ I am blessed.” She went on to engage me on pressing organizational issues for two hours

3.40 I then took time to freshen up my red lipstick before hopping on to another virtual meeting with donors and sponsors who have shown some interest in providing the organization with monetary support.

4PM Only serious faces were observed on the screens. I began the presentation and after sixty minutes of a mouth drying presentation, I received interest and praises. The meeting continued to be pointed and focused for the next hour.

6.30 I walked away from the meeting thinking, “What a full and positive day at the office.” Throughout the day, no attention was given to my aching body and for some disconnected reason, I suddenly began to realize that my body has been aching all day from my workout earlier.

7PM I chewed up some left over marinated salad from the previous night, ate two slices of multigrain bread with some ginger tea and thought of my day.

8PM I reviewed some of the written policies provided to me by the law makers.

9PM I shut down. I stared in the mirror.

Another typical Covid workday at the home office.

Every day will not be the same but I hope to find goodness and beauty in and around me every day

Life is a gift; not a given!

I am blessed and I will not take life for granted.

Image 1: Dr. Roz Roach by Karen Brown

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