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A Sampling of Self Care. Just a Sample!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

December 1, 2021

I decided to take my senior team away for an overnight retreat to decompress, reflect and rejuvenate so that we can be well to continue to provide the serious and rewarding service to abused women and their children. I decided to use one of my “Jump Start” programs during our time together. This is a highly effective program designed and implemented by myself on a regular basis to reset and shift the holistic self.

On Tuesday November 29th, we left Toronto at 9am and headed north-west off to the Hockley Valley Resort. The weather was welcoming and the air was fresh; an ideal environment for detox breathing.

Upon arrival, we settled ourselves. We then quickly nourished our bodies with a light intake while contemplating on the value of the program that we were about to undertake. I briefly outlined the program and we headed out on our 2.5-hour winter hike through the valley. My team followed me as I led the peaceful winter bliss hike. The air was crisp and fresh. The valley was covered with a freshly fallen white blanket and we could actually hear the sound of silence as we individually established our own pace.

From time to time, I waited for the team to come together at which point I began storytelling. Storytelling is a form of cleansing - flushing, if you will - rejuvenating and resetting. A powerful form of healing that is not always fully explored or explained.

We spontaneously took turns to listen and to share. We laughed when appropriate and grieved when need be. On our return to the resort almost 3 hours later, we settled in around the pool where we moved into two hours of full body stretching, yoga poses, abdominal connections and detox breathing with the occasional one minute recovery period.

We pushed fluids as we released impurities through our pores.

We maintained stillness and silence as we focused on our bodies and minds, allowing our spirits to connect to each other within the space.

Over the next hour and a half, we plunged into hot and cold temperatures using the pool, sauna and hot tub with the aim of stimulating and provoking our inner organs.

The day was now coming to an end so we let our bodies and minds naturally dictate the next move. We decided to have a pyjama party in one of our rooms. We ate light detoxing dishes followed by servings of carrot cake and a push of watery fluids.

We acknowledged one another and the qualities that bind us as a strong working team. We welcomed the contributions and commitments to lift and support each other if and when need be.

At 10 pm we got the call to retire at which point we ventured off to bed to pillow hug.

I had achieved my goal of decompressing, reflecting and rejuvenating. Later on we checked in with each other to appreciate our accomplishments. Together we smiled at having fully enjoyed another sample of self-care, self-love and healing . We were reset and ready for life’s next challenge.

That was not just a sample but an example!

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