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The Love of Rain

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

July 20, 2021

I got up this morning and realized that there was nothing special or different for the day. My normal routine.

A call to Karen,

A replied memo and email to Orisha,

Some numbers to figure out for Weili,

Some random emails to respond to,

Nothing special!

I then thought that I would call Charlene, my dance therapist and see if I could squeeze in a last minute session. I pulled open my window screen and realized that it was raining heavily outside.

I felt a tremendous amount of joy. Yes, it’s raining!

I had a childhood flashback:

I imagined getting dressed in my underwear and going outside of my house to play in the downpour. To take a long shower.

For an instant I regressed to my childhood. A young girl, growing up in Trinidad and looking forward to the onset of the rainy season. Trinidad carries two seasons: Dry season and Wet or Rainy season which stretches throughout the months of June to December.

I began to think of mangoes. I began to hear the bouncing sound of mangoes hit the ground and the whistling of the wind as it ripped off the stems of overripe mangoes, forcing them to drop like limp objects. One after the other to the ground. I can hear the thunder.

I imagined collecting some of the fallen mangoes in a steel drum so I could have a meal for lunch and tea time. I imagined eating long mangoes, Julie mangoes, rose mangoes and even doudose.

I imagined having a big burp; drinking some rain water; washing my feet and getting ready for bed.

What an imagination !

I loved being that little girl in the village of Arouca awaiting the rainy season one more time.

I love the rain! These memories give me comfort.

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