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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

May 31, 2021


There is an inner beauty in all women; that inner beauty is in you.

You ooze strength and courage when following your designed path

You are filled with confidence and purpose acquired from life’s architectural plan

Often grounded in your own acts ; often remembering where you are at

Remembering where you came from, how you got here and how you made your tracks

Your exceptional journey is long but you are still able to go far and far beyond

Yes , you are an extraordinary woman; yes you are

Your inner light keeps shining bright constantly causing sudden delight

Engulfed by the switch of always being ready and able; always there

Constantly being able to share yourself with others without fear

Able and ready to touch the lives of those who you call sisters; pals, and brothers too

You are the street lights that brighten the path as you, so often, reach out a hand

High, high , high up to the sky! Just like that!

Yes, you are an amazing woman ; yes you are

You share your truth without censorship, influence or guarded dislike

Free association does not intimidate or inhibit you ; not even for a slight

Able to unleash the power for uplifting others high, high up to another flight

Along with positive entanglement; positive engagement; you are never weary of the illusion of a fight

You share your thoughts for the well-being of all ; you fan the fumes to illuminate a bright light

Women east, west, north and south...clenching fists in circular prance

Spinning fast to an abrupt stance to realize that we women give spark to this new victorious dance

I am you...You are me ...Journey might be different but we prance together in unity ; we prance as if we are in a common trance...Trance of SOLIDARITY

I am Thankful because of you! Grateful, Blessed and Determined like the fresh morning dew.

I AM A WOMAN - wholesome and true

A WOMAN who believes in other women; women like you





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